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Appel : Europe in Discourse

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l’appel à contributions pour la conférence “Identity in discourse. Identity. Diversity. Borders” qui se déroulera à Athènes en septembre 2016. D’autres informations sont disponibles sur le site:

The conference is a unique opportunity to bring together different perspectives and methodologies involved in shaping the complexities and contradictions of current European identity discourses. A fundamental methodological pluralism is considered a key condition for addressing these complexities and contradictions at a time of crisis.

The conference aims to bring together researchers interested in analyzing European identities in various discourses. Researchers from many different disciplines will investigate historical, geopolitical, geo-cultural, geo-economic and social perspectives on Europe. The conference also invites contributions that explore the role of diversity and borders in forging and re-shaping European identities.

Conference Themes

Scholars are invited to submit papers that draw on discourse theories, linguistic or textual analysis to investigate topics that include:

  • Historical, geo-cultural, geo-economic and geopolitical aspects of European identities
  • Europe: super-diverse and globalized
  • Images of crisis and recovery in Europe
  • Conceptual blending, discourse and metaphors about Europe
  • Translation and linguistic (in)equality in Europe
  • Refugees and asylum seekers in EU discourses
  • European diversity through religion and culture
  • Discourses on the European economic crisis
  • Discursive constructions of borders
  • Political discourse in the European Union
  • Media constructions of European identities
  • Ethnographic approaches to European identity-making
  • Construction of European narratives
  • Extreme right populist discourses in EU
  • Discourses of integration/assimilation in the EU
  • 1280px-Athènes_Acropole_Caryatides
  • Caryatides sur l’Acropole (GNU Free Documentation License)

Appel: Campaigning and voting in Europe.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un appel relatif au workshop “Campaigning and voting in Europe. New challenges, new perspectives“. Orienté sciences politiques, l’appel est  susceptible d’intéresser certains d’entre vous.

Workshop, Paris 14-16 December 2015.

A plethora of elections have taken place across the European continent over the last twelve months, from the European parliamentary election involving all 28 member states in May 2014 to more recent national contests in Greece, Romania, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Estonia and the UK.
This conference aims to examine the conduct of European campaigns and their impact on voter turnout and voter choices.
In this conference we seek to dissect more closely the elements of an election campaign and particularly to try to deal with the question of how we identify and measure a successful campaign. To explore this we aim to bring together scholars of parties, political communication and electoral behaviour in a bid to connect the analysis of the supply and demand side of election campaigns.
We invite papers that seek to model and compare election campaign strategy and practice over time and also space as well as papers that examine responses of citizens to campaigns. In particular we seek to develop global understandings of what works and what does not in terms of enhancing their effects on outcomes?
Papers may address, but should not be limited to, questions such as:
How elections campaigns have changed in styles, strategies, tools and with what impacts?
Is big data changing both the conduct of campaigns and the study of voting behaviour?
Are voters becoming less predictable, more changeable and so more open to persuasion?
To what extent is it policies or personalities which determine outcomes?

Keynote speakers:
Claes de Vreese, Professor of Political Communication, University of Amsterdam, NL
Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Professor of Political Science & CSES, University of Mannheim

Important dates:
Friday 4th September 2015 – submission of abstract
[Abstract: 500 words (theoretical and methodological approach, data description, preliminary findings; your name and university)]
Please send any questions and the abstracts to:
18th September 2015 – decision on acceptance
18th September 2015 – registration open
15th November 2015 – end of registration

Scientific committee
Rachel Gibson, Manchester University, UK
Karolina Koc-Michalska, Audencia Business School, FR
Darren Lilleker, Bournemouth University, UK
Ralph Negrine, University of Sheffield, UK
Sylvie Strudel, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, FR
Thierry Vedel, Sciences-Po Paris, FR

Conference supported by:
International Communication Association, Political Communication Division
International Political Science Association (RC22)

Karolina Koc-Michalska
Assistant Professor Communication School at Audencia Business School, France
1 rue Marivaux
44 003 Nantes
Associated Researcher, CEVIPOF, Sciences-Po Paris

IMG_7856-1Photo : Auboussier (campagne 2015, Vienne, Autriche)